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The paper foil-type capacitors can be download for free. This circuit and wiring diagram: paper foil-type capacitors has been viewed 668 times which last viewed at 2018-08-14 08:28:40 and has been downloaded 0 times which last downloaded at 0000-00-00 00:00:00 published by Brooklyn on 06 Jul, 2017.

In general, paper capacitors have been largely rep laced by plastic film capacitors in both foil and metallized constructions and in most dc electronic circuits. Impregnated paper capacitors for ac power applications are also being replaced with plastic film capacitors with both impregnated and dry construct ions.

Construction usually consists of multiple layers of paper as the dielectric interleaved with aluminum or tin alloy foil electrodes. Termination is either tabs inserted during winding or leads welded to extended foils.

Paper capacitors are impregnated with stabilized waxes or oils. Most chlorinated materials, such as chlorinated diphenyls, have been banned by the EPA as impregnates. The impregnates usually has a dielectric constant of about 6 and is used for size reduction and improvement in corona start and to reduce internal discharge in ac power applications.

Included among dc applications are coupling, decoupling, bypass, smoothing filters, power-separating filters, energy-storage capacitors, etc. Included among ac applications are motor start, fluorescent lighting, interference suppression, power-factor correction, power- line coupling, distribution capacitors for high-voltage switching gear, capacitor voltage dividers for ac measurement, etc.

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