Intelligent motor control centre

Serial communication network equipment is used to couple all the microprocessor based units. Figure 7.5 shows the basic arrangement of a typical system. The number of switchboards and motor control...

How to make Emergency Light

The circuit of automatic emergency light presented here has the following features: 1.When the mains supply (230V AC) is available, it charges a 12V battery up to 13.5V and then the battery is disc...

TV remote control Blocker

Just point this small device at the TV and the remote gets jammed . The circuit is self explanatory . 555 is wired as an astable multivibrator for a frequency of nearly 38 kHz. This is the frequenc...


- Door safety interlock
- Analogic pressure level
- Drain pump
-Heating element
-Temperature probe
-Motor earth
- Anti interference filter
- General Hearth

Circuit Diagram of Video Distribution Amplifier

Parts List:
Transformer Iron Core: Two coils of wire linked by an iron core. Transformers are used to step up (increase) and step down (decrease) AC voltages. Energy is transferred between the...

Altec Lansing 353A Power Amplifier Vacuum tube

Numbers assigned to coils, switches, plugs, sockets and transformers are to facilitate circuit tracing or component replacement and may not necessarily be found on the unit.
1.DC voltage measu...

Arrangement of pre-amplifiers and power amplifier with complete tape record/monitor-playback facilities

When recording, the input signal is fed to the appropriate input channel of the pre-amplifier and then from the programme-recording output of the pre-amplifier to the input of the tape circuit. The...

How to make Dome light dimmer for Cars

This unique circuit makes your dome light look cool. Usually when the car door is closed, the dome light just goes OFF. With this circuit, you can have our dome light fade slowly in brightness and ...

How to make Brakelight Flasher

Let's see a part list of this schematic diagram:
1. Transistor NPN:A transistor amplifies current. It can be used with other components to make an amplifier or switching circuit.
2. Polar...

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