USB port PT100 trasnmitter schematic

If you want to learn how USB port works and full schematic USB port PT100 trasnmitter


Air Conditioner Schematic of system

-evaporator coil in plenum
-refrigerant is gas LOW temperature Low pressure
- refrigerant is liquid low temperature low pressure
- expansion device
- blower

Cathode Ray Tube display diagram

Anode (entire screen)
Cathode ray tube
Deflection coils
Electron guns (red, blue, green)
RGB signals
VGA cable
High coltage supply (>20kV)
defection ...

How a color CRT TV works

- Cathode
- conductive coating
- anode
- phosphor-coated screen
- electron beams
- shadow mask
Beam of electrons are sent from the cathode/anode setup
Directed be...

Calculate the current going through 2kOhm resistor

Calculate the current going through 2kOhm resistor


MacBook charger teardown

- transformer
- resonant capacitor
- drive transistors
- PFC capacitor
- Fuse
- X capasitor
- AC in and ground pin
- Bridge rectifier
- filter c...

Some basic components and their symbol

1. Jack Phone
2. Lamp -Neon
3. Laser Diode
a. laser diode
b. photo diode
4. Mercury Switch
5. Microphone (Crystal - piezoelectric)
6. NAND Gate
7. Negative V...

How to make Remote control using telephone

Here is a teleremote circuit which enables switching ‘on’ and ‘off’ of appliances through telephone lines. It can be used to switch appliances from any distance, overcoming ...

How to make Remote control using VHF modules

A few designs for remote control switches, using VG40T and VG40R remote control pair, are shown here. The miniature transmitter module shown in Fig. 1, which just measures 34 mm x 29 mm x 10 mm, ca...

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