10 Channel Audio Mixer without Tone Control

10 Channel Audio Mixer without Tone Control

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The 10 channel audio mixer circuit here is a different series from the audio mixer in general. Namely without the presence of a tone control embedded in it. However, the construction of this audio mixer has become much simpler.

Audio mixer...

The 10 channel audio mixer circuit here is a different series from the audio mixer in general. Namely without the presence of a tone control embedded in it. However, the construction of this audio mixer has become much simpler.

Audio mixer is an electronic circuit or electronic device that is used to mix various signals into one output only. So the working principle of an audio mixer is to mix several audio signals.

If you want a complex mix of audio mixers such as for studio mixing purposes, then forget this set. Because the audio mixer in this post is only based on the working principle of mixing several signals with an operational amplifier (Op-Amp).

You can do further development using this 10 channel audio mixer. Because actually this mixer circuit is flexible for various other audio designs. Among other things, by adding a tone control, audio echo, or mic pre-amp if you want input from the mic, VU led as an indicator of a music signal, and so on.

This 10 Channel Audio Mixer has various functions for purposes such as a karaoke sound system for the home. In addition, for outdoor karaoke purposes you can also use this audio mixer.

Even though this audio mixer only works on the principle of mixing the audio signal, it is robust enough for use in simple home recordings that require a lot of input. For example input from several guitars, electric drups, and organs.

10 channel Audio mixer circuit

If broken down into a block diagram, this Audio mixer consists of two parts, namely the amplifier for the input channel and the amplifier for the master volume section. The following is a series of 10 channel audio mixers.


10 channel audio mixer without tone control 1


In the circuit above, each input channel is amplified by an IC Op-Amp coupled with a negative input, meaning that in this first amplifier, the input signal will have an inverted phase of the output. Apart from being the first amplifier, the op-amp on each channel functions as a buffer which, when the volume of each channel is changed, it will not affect the other channels. After the input signal is amplified by the first amplifier, the audio signal is amplified by an op-amp. The IC6A is a "true" audio mixer circuit. In order for all signals to be mixed, each input of IC 6A must be given a resistor connected in series. VR11 functions as the master volume, which when the potentiometer is changed, will affect all input channels.

10 channel audio mixer without tone control 2

10 channel audio mixer without tone control 3

10 channel audio mixer without tone control 4

* Disclaimer: The example of the resulting audio mixer above is just an illustration to show its shape and construction. The finished form can be used as a reference and developed further. Therefore, the circuit used may be different. In assembling this audio mixer, a well regulated power supply is needed to prevent buzzing or noise. Talking about noise, to minimize the noise in the form of hiss, use a good quality resistor with a tolerance of 1% or have 5 color bands. In order for the audio mixer circuit to work properly, you don't need a complex power supply. It is enough to add a power supply filter with a capacitor value of 4700uF or greater, and a 7815 IC regulator. Because this mixer circuit requires a Vcc voltage of + 15VDC. Even so, the circuit only requires a current of no more than 1 Amper.

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