Energy Bands and Charge Carriers

Energy Bands and Charge Carriers

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The atomic arrangement in most semiconductor crystals is similar to the diamond lattice, in which each atom is surrounded by four nearest neighbors. The atomic bonding in the crystal is largely covalent (as in the H2 molecule). That is, the sharing of electron s between adjacent atoms in covalent bonds holds the crystal together. In the column IV semiconductor silicon for example, each atom has four valence electrons shared with four nearest neighbors.

Electrons in isolated atoms are restricted to certain discrete energy levels, predictable generally from the bohr model  and more  precisely from the results of quantum mechanics. In a similar fashion, electrons in solids are restricted to certain energies and are not allowed at other energies. The basic difference between the case of an electrons in a solid and that of an electron in an isolated atom is that in the solid the electron has a range, or band of available energies. General features of the energy bands for insulators, metal and semi-conductors are shown in Fig. 1. In an insulator or semiconductor, a lower (valence)  band is filled with electrons at low temperatures, and an upper (conduction) band is empty of electrons. The separation between the valence and conduction bands is called the band gap Eg. Insulator have a wider band gap than do semiconductors, and metals have overlapping bands.

The variety of electrical conductivities of metals, insulators, and semiconductors arises primarily from their band structures (Fig. 1). If electrons are to experience acceleration in an electric field, they must be able to move into new energy states. In a completely filled band, there are no available empty states, and therefore no net charge transport (no current) can take place. The same is true for an empty band , which contains no electrons mixed with unfilled allowable energy states.  Electron are therefore available to participate in current flow, and there are plenty of energy states for the electrons to accupy in response to a field. This accounts for the high conductivity of metals.     

Ford Falcon Generator Charge Indicator Light Circuit Wiring

The following schematic diagram shows the 1964 Ford Falcon Generator Charge Indicator Light Circuit Wiring. A red generator charge indicator light is used. This light flashes on if the battery is discharging and the generator is not supplying current. The indicator light is connected between the armature terminal of the generator regulator and the coil terminal of the ignition switch. This actually places the light in parallel with the regulator cut-out contacts. If the ignition switch is on, and the cutout contacts are open, the charge indicator light will light up, indicating that the generator is not connected.

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