How to assemble a 400 Watt power amp and assembly techniques

How to assemble a 400 Watt power amp and assembly techniques

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400 Watt power amplifier is widely used for outdoor or outdoor audio devices because it can produce sound on a loudspeaker with a fairly far radius. Especially when combined with an adequate loudspeaker.

But there are still many who are co...

400 Watt power amplifier is widely used for outdoor or outdoor audio devices because it can produce sound on a loudspeaker with a fairly far radius. Especially when combined with an adequate loudspeaker.

But there are still many who are confused about how to assemble a 400 Watt power amp that is safe and in accordance with the desired results. Actually assembling a power amplifier is quite easy. However, there are several things that are prepared before assembling a 400 Watt stereo power amplifier. Such as kit / module preparation, equipment to testing.

Modules and components needed in assembling a 400 Watt power amplifier

The following are examples of various power amplifier kits that you can use in assembling a 400 Watt power amplifier.

400 watt power amplifier

Stereo 400 watt power amp kit.

The power amplifier kit is one of the modules that must be present in how to assemble a 400 Watt power amp. You can buy this amplifier module at electronics stores online or offline. Lots of amplifier modules to choose from depending on your taste and the amount of money you have.

In general, the more expensive the price of the amplifier kit module, the better the quality of the amplifier. But that doesn't mean that cheap amplifier kits don't have good quality. There are several factors that determine good or bad quality of an amplifier kit. Among other things, the quality of each component, the construction of electronic circuits, and the quality of the PCB.

There is an amplifier kit with a simple schematic or circuit construction, but there are also more complex circuit constructs. like using the IC on the front amplifier (pre-amp) and some only use 3 or 4 transistors in the pre-amp.

In addition, the value of the final amplifier (power) amplifier kit also affects the power generated from the power amplifier circuit. For example, the use of the TO-3 type transistor (2N3055 and the like) or using the SANKEN 2SC3264 type transistor which has a different packaging and can issue greater power. Also pay attention to the authenticity of the quality of these components.

10 Amper Power Supply Kit

The power supply or power supply from a power amplifier generally does not require a complex voltage regulator circuit, but must be supported by a high electro value and a quality diode is sufficient. Because the power needed to drive is large enough, at least the current required for the diode is 10 Amper with a minimum elco value of 10,000uF / 50 Volt.

In addition to the use of a conventional power supply kit, you can also use a switching type power supply in this power amplifier assembly. One of the advantages of using a switching power supply is that it is lighter and has a much lower voltage ripple level compared to a power supply that uses a conventional transformer.

10 amper power supply kit

Speaker Protector Kit

High-power amplifiers are usually directly proportional to the amount of current and voltage from the power supply or power supply used. When the power amplifier ON / OFF switch is first turned on, there will be a DC transient voltage coming out of the loudspeaker line. In practice, this DC voltage will produce a "jump" sound within a few seconds that comes out of the loudspeaker.

This will not be good for the life of the loudspeaker because ideally a loudspeaker should be supplied with an AC audio signal. If this is allowed, it will cause damage to the loudspeaker. that's why a circuit is used to protect it. Namely with a speaker protector kit.

The speaker protector will hold for a few seconds when the power amplifier is first turned on so that the transient DC voltage will not pass through the loudspeaker.

speaker protector kit

10 Amper transformer

The power supply transformer to supply the current needs of the power amplifier will determine whether the output power is optimal or not. To encourage the current needs of a 400 Watt stereo power amplifier, the minimum required transformer is the Original 10 Ampere transformer. It is said to be original because at this time many types of transformers are 10 Ampere which reads 10A but the output output is not really 10A.

Usually the price of an ordinary 10A transformer with the original 10A transformer has a different price. In addition, the original 10 Ampere transformer has a larger and wider iron core area.

10 amper transformer

Power amplifier box

The power amplifier box that can be used depends on each taste. There are many variations on the shape and size of the amplifier box that you can use in assembling this power amplifier. However, the thing that must be considered is that the size of the box must be proportional to the size of the power amplifer later, including the transformer and cable dresing. If the box size is too small it will look chaotic and messy and seem forced. However, if the amplifier box is too large it will be inefficient. Therefore, choose a box that is proportional.

power amplifier box

Large, adjustable heatsink

When the power amplifier works at its maximum, there will be what is called power dissipation which will produce heat with a high enough temperature. When a driver transistor and a power transistor are unable to withstand the surrounding temperature, or when the transistor has reached the maximum temperature according to the datasheet characteristics, the transistor will break down or be damaged. This is certainly not what we want.

So that damage does not occur due to temperatures that exceed the limit, a cooling plate is needed that is sufficient to withstand the heat from the transistor so that it does not reach the maximum temperature. In the application of the 400 Watt stereo power amplifier assembly, an aluminum cooler with a size that is wide enough is needed. You can determine the size of this aluminum cooler according to the box used.

adjustable heatsink

Cooling fan

The cooling fan is one of the components found in high-power and quality amplifiers. The function of this cooling fan is to circulate air so that the hot air in the box can be removed and replaced with new air so that the temperature inside the box is cooler.

If this assembled power amplifier will be used outdoors, then the use of a cooling fan or blower is absolutely necessary, especially if it is used for a long time such as concerts, various art performances and so on.
Equipment (tools) required

Multimeter. To measure circuit wiring lines, voltage measurement and others.
Screwdrivers. For mounting the circuit into the box, mounting the final transistors on the cooling fins, etc.
Cutting pliers and taper pliers. For cutting cables, peeling cables, installing bolts, and so on.
Scissors / kater knife.

The steps of how to assemble a 400 Watt power amp

After all the modules / kits and supporting components have been prepared, the next step is to assemble the 400 Watt power amplifier into the box so that it becomes one unit. The way to assemble it is actually very easy, just connect the input / output parts as shown below.

how to assemble a 400 watt power amp

From the picture above, it is clear that assembling an amplifier is actually easy. It's just that accuracy and creativity are needed in wire dressings and layouts when all the kits and transformers are put into the box, the tidier the arrangement of the series, the more beautiful the eye will be in the art.

Position the aluminum cooler behind close to the blower or fan, this is so that the circulation of the heat contained in the aluminum cooler so that it immediately comes out and is replaced with new air. This will certainly make the amplifier cooling system more optimal.

It should also be noted that the cables, especially in the power supply. Do not overturn it as this will cause fatal damage to the amplifier kit and its support kit.

It is highly recommended to try with a low voltage (range +/- 9VDC on the first try. This is so that when there is an accidental error, be it the polarity of the power supply, or a component part is short accidentally. Then with the lowest possible voltage expected. will not cause damage to the power transistor which has a fairly expensive price.

After everything is running smoothly, you can move the input voltage back to normal. The voltage required by the power amplifier depends on the kit used. may range from 25 VDC to 42 VDC.
General circuit testing

After knowing how to assemble a 400 Watt power amp, next is testing. testing the power amplifier that has been assembled aims to ensure that the power amplifier runs stably to be operated for a long time, even though this test is only brief and does not necessarily represent that this power amplifier will last a long time if operated. Because there are many factors that influence it such as component quality, ambient temperature factor, and so on.

Testing is simply done by trying directly on an adequate loudspeaker, it is advisable to use a 12 inch loudspeaker with 200 Watt power. Enter the input section by tuning a piece of music from a smartphone, computer or directly from an audio mixer, of course it's better at moderate volume. And let the music be played for approximately 1 hour while monitoring the temperature around the amplifier box.



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