Transformer Types and Frequency Ranges

Transformer Types and Frequency Ranges

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The major types of transformers for both power and communications applications are listed below, along with the general operating frequencies for each type.

Power transformers 50, 60, and 400 Hz
Ferroresonant transformers ...

The major types of transformers for both power and communications applications are listed below, along with the general operating frequencies for each type.

Power transformers 50, 60, and 400 Hz
Ferroresonant transformers -50, 60, and 400 Hz
Converter transformers Communications 100 Hz to 150 kHz
Audio-frequency transfbrmers 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Carrier-frequency transformers MHz 20 kHz to 20
High-frequency transformers MHz 20MHz to 1000
Pulse transfbrmers Repetition rates to 4 MHz
Generalized Equivalent Circuit for a Transformer

equivalent network of a transformer.png

Fig. I shows the equivalent circuit for a generalized
transfbrmer having two windings. Commonly accepted
nomenclature+ is as follows:

a : turns ratio : Nl,/N.
C, : primary equivalent shunt capacitance
C, : secondary equivalent shunt capacitance
Es : root-mean-square generator voltage
Eor, = root-mean-square output voltage
t = coeflcient of coupling
Lo : primar! inductance
1, = primary leakage inductance
/. = secondary leakage inductance
R,, = core-loss equivalent shunt resistance
Rs : generator impedance
Rr = load impedance
Rr, : prinrary-winding resistance
R, : secondary-winding resistance


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