Two-Cavity Klystron Amplifier

Two-Cavity Klystron Amplifier

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The two-cavity klystron amplifier can be download for free. This circuit and wiring diagram: two-cavity klystron amplifier has been viewed 1105 times which last viewed at 2018-10-19 10:17:34 and has been downloaded 0 times which last downloaded at 0000-00-00 00:00:00 published by Sophia on 06 Nop, 2017.

Klystrons is an electron tube in which the following processes may be distinguished:

A. Periodic variation of the longitudinal velocities of the electrons forming the beam in a region confining a radio-frequency field

B. Conversion of the velocity variation into conduction-current modulation by motion in a region free from radio-frequenct fields.

C. Extraction of the radio-frequency energy from the beam in another confined radio-frequency field.

Several variations of the basic klystron exist. These include the two cavity amplifier or oscilator, the reflex klystron, and the multicavity high power amplifier. Two-Cavity klystron amplifier: An electron beam is formed in an electron gun and passed through the gaps associated with the two cavities (Fig. 10). After emerging from the second gap. the electrons pass to a collector designed to dissipate the remaining beam power without the production of secondary electrons. In the first gap, the electron beam is alternately accelerated and decelerated in succeding half-periods of the radio frequency cycle, the magnitude of the change in speed depending on the magnitude of the alternating voltage impressed on the cavity. The electrons then move in a drift space where thre are no radio-frequency fields.

Here, the electrons that were accelerated in the input gap during one half-cycle catch up with those that were decelerated in the preceding half-cycle,  and a local increase of the current density occurs in the beam. Analysis shows that the maximum ot the current-density wave occurs at the position, in time and space, of those electrons that passed the center of the input gap as the field changed from negative to positive. There is therefore a phase different of m/2 brtween the current wave and the voltage wave that produced it. Thus at the end  of drift space, the initially uniform electron beam has been altered into a beam showing periodic density variations. This beam now traverses the output gap, and the variation in density induce an amplified voltage wave in the output circuit, phased so that the negative maximum corresponds with the phase of the bunch center. The increased radio-frequency energy has been gained by conversion from the direct-current beam energy.

The two-cavity amplifier can be made to oscillate by providing a feedback loop from the output to the input cavity. A much simpler but less efficient structure results if the electron-beam direction is reversed by a negative electrode, termed the reflector.

4 Channel Stereo Power Amplifier

4-Channel Stereo Power Amplifier has remote controlled switching circuit, the power amplifier will power-ON automatically by turning cassette deck or tuner ON. Turn off the car stereo switch immediately and wait for a few seconds, then turn on the car stereo again. This will re-trigger the power amplifier ON mode. In case thermal protection in the power amplifier once started to work, you must wait to re-trigger for approximately twenty minutes to cool it down. Note that this amplifier has a BTL output stage; the negative leads must be connected to the-terminal of the correct speakers.

20W Car Radio Power Amplifier using TDA2005

The TDA2005 is class B dual audio power amplifier package specifically designed for car radio application. This device has high output power (PO = 10 + 10 W@RL = 2W, d = 10% ; PO = 20W@RL = 4Ohm , d = 1%) and high reliability package. You can easily design car radio power booster amplifiers using this device. The TDA2005 provides a high current capability (up to 3.5 A) and that can drive very low impedance loads (down to 1.6Ohm in stereo applications) obtaining an output power of more than 20 W(bridge configuration).

Best Car Amplifier Wiring Diagram Site

An amplifier or simply amp, is any device that changes, usually increases, the amplitude of a signal.

2 Watt Amplifier Circuit Diagram

The following circuit diagram is made for a 2 watt audio amplifier. This amplifier has a wide frequency response, low harmonic distortion about 1.5%, and is capable of driving an 8 ohm speaker to output levels of around 5 watts with slightly higher distortion. The amplifier operates in Class AB mode; the single 470R preset resistor, PR1 controls the quiescent current flowing through the BD139/140 complimentary output transistors. This amplifier has a S/n ratio of 115dB at 1kHz. Overall gain is provided by the ratio of the 22k and 1k resistor.

Integrator Op Amp Amplifier Circuit Diagram

An intergrator op amp (operational amplifier) is one type of op amp circuit. The Integrator operational amplifier circuit performs the mathematical operation of Integration. The magnitude of its output is determined by the length of time a voltage is present at its input. The output voltage is proportional to the length of time a voltage is present. The longer the input is present, the greater the output becomes. One great application of the integrator is generating a ramp voltage.

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