What is Diode and How it Works

What is Diode and How it Works

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A diode is a 2 lead semiconductor that acts as a one way gate to electron flow. Diode •A diode is a 2 lead semiconductor that acts as a one way gate to electron flow. – Diode allows current to pass in only one direction. A pn-junction d...

A diode is a 2 lead semiconductor that acts as a one way gate to electron flow. Diode •A diode is a 2 lead semiconductor that acts as a one way gate to electron flow. – Diode allows current to pass in only one direction. A pn-junction diode is formed by joining together n-type and p-type silicon.
• In practice, as the n-type Si crystal is being grown, the process is abruptly altered to grow  p-type  Si  crystal.  Finally,  a  glass  or  plastic  coating  is  placed  around  the  joined crystal.
• The p-side is called anode and the n-side is called cathode.
• When the anode and cathode of a pn-junction diode are connected to external voltage such that the potential at anode is higher than the potential at cathode, the diode is said to be forward biased.–In a forward-biased diode current is allowed to flow through the device.
• When potential at anode is smaller than the potential  at  cathode,  the  diode  is  said  to be reverse biased. In a reverse-biased diode current is blocked
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Water Analogy of Diodes
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When a diode is connected to a battery as shown, electrons from the n-side and holes from the p-side are forced toward the center by the electrical field supplied by the battery. The electrons and holes combine causing the current to pass through the diode.  When a diode is arranged in this way, it is  said to be forward-biased.
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A diode’s one-way gate feature does not work all the time. Typically for silicon diodes, an  applied voltage of  0.6V or greater is needed, otherwise, the diode will not conduct. This feature is useful in forming a voltage-sensitive switch. I-V characteristics for silicon and germanium diodes is shown below.
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